No Harmful Chemicals. Non-Toxic. Long-Lasting. A polish that's better to wear than bare!

  JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE   Pure • Lasting • Polish

                                A Gorgeous, Amazing, High Quality Nail Polish                                                    

    THERE'S ALWAYS TIME FOR YOUR JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE...because it dries in 3 minutes!

NO Harmful Chemicals!!

Welcome to Jeannie In A Bottle!  

It is such a privilege to provide a high quality product with NO harmful chemicals! Wearing nail polish can add color to your outfit and puts you in the mood for work or play.  It makes you feel confident, dressed and accessorizes your nails.

Enjoy the great aspects of a high quality nail polish without the high cost and know that you are not compromising your long term health.

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish is on a very special journey to bring you one of the most healthy and durable nail polishes world-wide for Women, Men, Mothers-To-Be and Children. 

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish can give you healthier nails with over 200 colors and treatments available.  It is a nail polish that is better to wear than bare! It is a nail polish that you want to wear because it is good for your nails. It is SIX-Free from the 6 harmful chemicals found in the majority of nail polish on the market for consumers. 

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish is FDA Approved. We will promote better values in using healthy cosmetics. CAPRI'S COLLECTION for Children will inspire values and dreams to pass on and live by helping wishes come true!

Who We Are

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish is a full-service (wholesale & retail) facility dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price. We will maintain a friendly creative work environment that respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.  Healthy products are playing a larger role in our lives. We want to inspire values for men, women and children to be more mindful about the health and the beauty of nails, mind and body.

Jeanne Marie D'Amico, Owner & Founder, has worked in high-paced, customer-service- oriented medical, salon and spa profession at growing companies. She has earned the respect of her colleagues through hard work and dedication. From business colleagues to friends, Jeanne Marie has what it takes to make this venture extremely successful. She will count on her reputation to exceed expectations while continuously establishing an active client base worldwide. 

Jeanne Marie D'Amico has worked hard strengthening many areas and fine tuning skills. Owner of a The Effective Hypnosis Center in Concord, Massachusetts USA, she helped people using natural healing, self-healing with Hypnosis and Energy healing as a Reiki Master for 13 years. Send a special note or email, with your order, if you would like yours to be Complimentary Reiki Empowered, by Jeannie!  She then was an educated and trained Physician's Consultant for a National Plastic Surgery Organization, a Manager in a Plastic Surgeon's Practice and Medical Spa. 

As a Licensed Nail Technician, JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish™ did not just happen overnight but it accumulated and grew from an AWAKENING to REALITY.  Learning every detail of the media in Television, Radio and Print, an On-Air Talk Show Host, Director of Advertising and Promotions for a Major Boston Radio Station, Founder of National Syndicated Radio Show in 32 USA Markets and Cast in a Reality FOX TV Show.  

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish™ will be a very successful product in the beauty industry to awaken values and inspiration! There is just one part of my career that I can not give up being so proud about and that is because being the Newborn Photographer for the most prestigious Boston hospitals, MGH (Mass General Hospital being my priority) to help patients have the most amazing photos from the very beginning of their newborn baby! The good news is that even a newborn baby can wear JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish™ !

What We Sell

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish is a healthy alternative that Women, Men, Children and Mothers-To-Be around the world feel excited to wear! It is FDA Approved, Made in the USA, Vegan and completely Cruelty Free.  

Everyone raves about the creamy texture, the high shine and the feel and wear close to a gel polish! 

Capri's Collection for Children will have a lot of beautiful fun colors!     

JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE Pure • Lasting • Polish is completely free of the 6 harmful chemicals found in most nail polish around the world. Capri's Collection will also participate in causes to enrich the lives of children by being mindful of people from all cultures and challenges. A great place to start is to help people let their wishes come true! 

MEET CAPRI enjoying her PURE, SAFE AND FUN polish every where she goes! She will bring health & happiness to a lot of children around the world with her collection for children!


             Jeannie In A Bottle DELIVERS a powerful healthy impact                     around the world!

 This is the beginning of a healthy movement!