No Harmful Chemicals. Non-Toxic. Long-Lasting. A polish that's better to wear than bare!

The Power of Color!

$16.40 $15.20

MARIA'S LITTLE PEARL stimulating feminine inspiration!

PINK BLISS is a fresh pastel pink with great coverage.

FOREVER 17 is young at heart & illuminates playfulness!

CONCRETE JUNGLE for the girl on FIRE!

TRANQUILITY calms and revives your energy!

CAPRI'S PURPLE MAJESTY for your youthful playful side!

CROWN JEWELS revitalizes your passion for the finest!

MONARCH MASQUERADE is fun and inspiring!

ROYAL PASSION is great for the heart and soul!

EGGPLANT TAPESTRY enriches your heart and spirit!

VELVET LACE embraces inner guidance and self-love!

FIT FOR A QUEEN ignites confidence & strength!

LADY IN RED brings out the confident woman in you!

TASMANIAC creates the spark of the wild side!