No Harmful Chemicals. Non-Toxic. Long-Lasting. A polish that's better to wear than bare!



                       ORIGINS in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA

Holiday Bash at Origins!

Let the magic begin!

Complimentary Polish changes & Hand Massages

Jeannie In A Bottle will be at Origins in Cambridge MA,again!

Harvard Square starting at 1 PM - 6 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2016

 A Gorgeous, Amazing, High Quality Nail Polish 

A nail polish that is better to wear than bare! 

                                            Enjoy the great aspects of a high quality nail polish                                           

     without compromising your long term health.


NO  Harmful Chemicals!


Dries in 3 Minutes!

Know your Environment. 

Protect your health. 

Does NOT Contain Endocrine Disruptors.

   It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Paint it PINK with Pink Bliss!

Jeannie In A Bottle will donate 20% of proceeds to Breast Cancer Research.
Every set of Pink Bliss, Garlic Base Coat & Fast Dry Top Coat purchased.



                            The UV Inhibitor in Jeannie In A Bottle polish adds great  PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE                   against sun damage and florescent lights that protect your nails and polish. 

How's that for a Magic Spin on things?!


Photo by Jeanne Marie D'Amico

I had so much fun today doing a photo shoot for Jeannie In A Bottle!

Crown Jewels

Photo by Jeanne Marie D'Amico



Photo by Jeanne Marie D'Amico


Here's a great photo and testimonial sent recently for              Jeannie In A Bottle!

"Great meeting and getting to know you, Jeanne! You are one of a kind!
Here's Jeannie OUT of the bottle! This color is chameleon like.
I think I like it better in the sun even more than out of it...both are beautiful!"
~Jen L.


                 It was fun writing in the sand at the beach but a surprise happened when a little girl decided to scoop up each letter and put them in her pail!  I love the surprises of each day wearing Jeannie In A Bottle nail polish!

Photo by Jeanne Marie D'Amico

Photo by Henry P. Gravelle

Jeannie In A Bottle DELIVERS!!  

             Jeannie In A Bottle delivers a powerful healthy impact around the globe!
 This is the beginning of a healthy movement! 
Get on board now and order the best nail polish on the market!!

   Look closely and see if you see me waving!!